We see ourselves as a playable museum of the past 40 years of video game history and want to bring long-forgotten classics back to life for all age groups.

With our motto and the iconic neon style we celebrate the rebirth of the video game industry in 1983 and the arcade flair of the 80s!

As children of the 80s and 90s, the Arcade team is not just a fan of the games of the time. The music and the current retro wave movement, which has been reviving electronic music from the 80s for several years, are our greatest influence.

In our retro gaming area you can see handpicked favorites and special highlights on our big screen again this year. Here we show you the pearls of different genres live and introduce you to the funniest and most obscure games as part of our panel.

You can revive your childhood in over 20 places. Our game jockey's will be happy to help you if the choice is more difficult ;-)

In addition, Sure Instinct will celebrate its premiere at our booth at Dokomi 2022! The game was programmed in just 3 months by Benjamin Schulte, one of the two managing directors of AkibaDreams GmbH.


Sure Instinct

Sure Instinct is a skill based puzzle game. Control a ball through challenging maps to the goal. Avoid falling into the abyss or losing life points to dangerous objects. Collect items to reach new sections or discover hidden paths.

Can you find your way to the goal, beat the high score or find the fastest way through the levels? This game is designed to run on a real Super Nintendo! Yes, you read that right: you can play this game on a real Super Nintendo or any emulator!


Richtiges Arcade Feeling

In our secret headquarters we are busy building new prototypes for an even more realistic arcade experience. For this purpose, buttons and joysticks are soldered together, lubricated and adjusted until the right "feel" is achieved.

We currently have 2 such prototypes and have successfully tested them at DoKomi in 2021. Two people can compete against each other, even with an infinite number of coins to insert.