Retro Wave Arcade is a voluntary project, by fans for fans, which started out as a small games room project in 2012 and has been growing ever since. Our mission is to provide an interactive museum for visitors of all ages to experience 40 years of video game history.


With our motto and iconic neon style we celebrate the epic rebirth of the video gaming industry in 1983 and spirit of 80s arcades!
As children of the 80s and 90s our team members aren’t only fans of oldschool games. Also the accompanying music and the current retro wave revival in temporary music are our biggest inspiration.


Handpicked team favourites and particular highlights are displayed on our own big screen every year. You can enjoy top of the notch titles from different genres live and during our panel we showcase the funniest and most obscure games you might not even have heard of!


Step into Hell’s Precipice! Embedded in a truly infernal ambience, we present you the best of first person shooter games. Kick some demon ass in the timeless classic DOOM or try surviving a zombie apocalypse with your friends. Gore galore!

All of your favourite smutty cringe worthy animu ecchi games you didn't want your parents to know about!

Sit tight with your tissue box because we're spilling milk here!

Get your Milky Boxxx ahegao tissues right here & right now!


Equipped with headsets and keyboards, we provide an opportunity to lose oneself into classical Point & Click adventures, without the usual convention turmoil. Anything from Lucas Arts evergreen titles to new adventurous publications of this popular genre.

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Expo Düsseldorf
7. & 8. August 2021